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One Simple Strategy to Dominate the Game with Sven’s God Strength

sven tips & plays 1

Initiator, Nuker, Durable, Carry, Disabler,- Sven is probably one of Dota 2’s most powerful heroes, considering his ability to wipe out 5 heroes in just 2 or 3 attacks.

Sven is relatively easy to use & one of the best type of heroes for newbies. However, there are still many players, especially on the lower ranks who does not know how to maximize Sven’s firepower.

In this short tutorial, I will teach you how to effectively send Sven’s monstrous damage to the enemies. If you will apply this tip, you will be able to increase your average kills with Sven by 5 to 7. Here’s how to do it.

1. Identify the Blind Spots

Blind spots are the areas in the map where your enemies do not have vision. See the image below,

dota 2 blind for sven's effective plays

Before activating Sven’s god strength, be sure that your location should be somewhere around these areas to make sure that your target will not be able to see you activating the god strength and preparing for an attack.

All Dota 2 players know that if Sven activates the god’s strength if you don’t have any escape mechanism, it’s either a run or a hide, no one wants to stand head to head with an angry Sven.

2. Reassess your effective Range

The next step to ensure an effective attack is by assessing your effective range. The effective range is the distance which you can effectively deliver an attack. If you’re using a dagger with Sven, be sure that the dagger’s range will reach your target if you decide to jump in and attack.

Remember however that you can’t see the observer wards, identifying the enemy’s blind spots requires practice & experience. It is here where most high ranking players have the advantage over newbies.

3. Release the Fire Power

After identifying the enemy’s blind spots & activating all the necessary spells (god’s strength, Black King Bar, warcry & madness), the next step is to deliver the blow. Always keep in mind the target’s escape mechanism and armor. To effective kill an enemy, be sure to target those with low hp and with no escape mechanism.

4. Chase down!

Sometimes, a target will survive Sven’s attack after the stun is gone, in the event like this, always try to chase down the escaping target. You will have a good chance of killing the target since Sven’s stun will finish its cool-down along with the dagger. However, be sure that you have enough time for the pursuit to be successful until the reinforcement arrives.

Sven can release a very powerful attack that can literally wipe out an entire team for just 2 or 3 attacks. Using this hero effectively can significantly increase the chances of winning the game. However, skills like blind spot identification & range awareness are vital to effectively deliver Sven’s powerful attacks.

Another important factor to remember when using this hero is the target’s defense capabilities.

  • Does your target have escape mechanisms?
  • Does your target have the ability to go invisible?
  • Does your target have enough HP & armor to withstand a full blast attack?

All of these things should be consider before attacking an enemy, and in the real game, you will have to answer all of these questions in a fraction of a second. Speed is vital to any battle. Without speed, you can’t deliver an effective blow, you can’t dodge or prevent an attack. Speed, however, can be improved by practice.

So the next time your use Sven, remember to

  1. Activate god’s strength, black king bar, madness & warcry on a blind spot
  2. Assess your effective range (the range in which you can deliver the attack)
  3. If the target survives, remember that you still have dagger & storm hammer on a cool-down.

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