Step-by-step Guide to Becoming a Professional Gamer

For the last 5 years, esport has become one of the world’s most watched shows on the television and on the internet. With multi-million companies around the world pouring out cash on professional tournaments, the gaming industry has transformed from a past time hobby into a multi-million dollar industry. According to, (a leading global provider of games and esports analytics), the esport industry will continue to grow to $905.6 million in the next years to come. This growth has made it possible for people who want to take their…

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Dota 2’s new Hero Grimstroke: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction Icefrog once again added a new hero to the game. Based on its abilities, this one could be one of the most effective support and will definitely be a pro game pick for tournaments to come. As the new champions of TI8 OG are celebrating, the entire Dota 2 community will be busy discovering what Grimstroke could bring to the game. This interesting new hero is one you can’t miss and in this article, we will discover every available data and facts about Grimstroke and use it as a…

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5 Golden Rules for a Dota 2 Support to Maintain an above 60% Win Rate (Dota 2 Support Guide 2018)

On the early part of the game, carries can’t usually project the force needed to dominate the game. During this stage, the support has the most opportunity to control the game depending on its techniques & strategies. However, on public games, supports are the most underrated role as most players can’t see the importance of controlling the early part of the game. Here are 5 very important rules for a support to remember in order to maximize its impact on the game. A support needs to Farm An observer ward,…

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One Simple Strategy to Dominate the Game with Sven’s God Strength

sven tips & plays 1

Initiator, Nuker, Durable, Carry, Disabler,- Sven is probably one of Dota 2’s most powerful heroes, considering his ability to wipe out 5 heroes in just 2 or 3 attacks. Sven is relatively easy to use & one of the best type of heroes for newbies. However, there are still many players, especially on the lower ranks who does not know how to maximize Sven’s firepower. In this short tutorial, I will teach you how to effectively send Sven’s monstrous damage to the enemies. If you will apply this tip, you…

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5 Dota 2 Play Adjustments to Increase your MMR by 1000 in One Month

dota 5 tips featured image

Playing 2 – 3 games on a day? Do you belong to these ranks? This post is for you, (and your friend with the same rank as you.) The play tips are from my Years & Years & Years of experience playing the game. However, even if you apply all of these tips, I can’t guarantee you that you’ll become an Archon in a month. However, applying these tips (with discipline) should increase your winning rate by of 30 to 40%, assuming you’re playing 2-3 games a day. Let’s start.…

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