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5 Golden Rules for a Dota 2 Support to Maintain an above 60% Win Rate (Dota 2 Support Guide 2018)

On the early part of the game, carries can’t usually project the force needed to dominate the game. During this stage, the support has the most opportunity to control the game depending on its techniques & strategies.

However, on public games, supports are the most underrated role as most players can’t see the importance of controlling the early part of the game. Here are 5 very important rules for a support to remember in order to maximize its impact on the game.

A support needs to Farm

An observer ward, a blink dagger & a spirit vessel will cost a support 5300 of golds. And where does a support gets this amount of gold in a short period of time? – by farming. Yes, a support needs to farm.

Without these important items, sometimes a support is virtually useless. Every support needs a blink dagger to be able to move with speed in the map. Wards, especially sentry wards are very important in order to get the upper hand in the aspect of intelligence warfare.

In order to influence the game and provide sufficient pressure on the map, a support needs to have the right items – and they need it ASAP.

Supports Protect five lives, including his own

Supports don’t have the luxury to buy expensive defensive items. This makes supports an easy target due to its relatively low armor. Sometimes, a support needs to make clutch plays in order to save lives.

However, sacrificing too much will make the opposing team grow in net-worth as every death of a support means additional gold for them. That is why protecting the support’s life is also important to avoid feeding up the enemies.

Another reason why a support needs to take care of himself is to provide protection to the farming carries. During the early part of the game, carries need to be protected at all times to make sure that they’ll get the resources they needed to dominate the game.

Supports Can take over a Game

Yes, a support needs to be aggressive and decisive. If an opportunity to kill is on-sight, a support needs to grab it. Even if it needs to do it on a consecutive basis.

Supports have the most opportunity to inflict huge damage and achieve a high volume of kills during the early part of the game. There will times in the game that the carry will be unable to fight, it is during these moments that a support needs to make the right decision & it had to do it fast.

dota 2 importance of wards

A play from a support during a tight game is very important to increase the chances of winning. Sometimes, a clutch play from a support is all that is needed to bring home a championship.

The support should be the most decisive member of the Team

There are times when the game is on the line, and a support will have to face the choice of whether to defend the base or to help the pushing units. It is during this time where the support’s decision-making skill is put to the test.

Without experience and the right skills, a support will have a hard time making decisions during a high-stress situation. That is why supports are sometimes the most experienced member of the team.

Having the right experience helps a support become an effective decision maker.

Supports needs to be a Leader

Of all the roles in Dota 2, it is the support that is the most qualified to be the leader. A support not only provides the technical resources needed to win the game (wards, heals, buffs), but also, a support needs to provide the emotional boost needed by the entire team.

dota 5 tips featured image

Support also has an overall view of the situation, which makes them the best source of intelligence during the battle. That is why carries have to listen and trust their supports in order to make the best move.

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