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5 Dota 2 Play Adjustments to Increase your MMR by 1000 in One Month

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Playing 2 – 3 games on a day?

Do you belong to these ranks?

Dota 2 Ranks 1st 3

This post is for you, (and your friend with the same rank as you.)

The play tips are from my Years & Years & Years of experience playing the game. However, even if you apply all of these tips, I can’t guarantee you that you’ll become an Archon in a month. However, applying these tips (with discipline) should increase your winning rate by of 30 to 40%, assuming you’re playing 2-3 games a day.

Let’s start.

Want to lose a Game? Don’t bring TP Scrolls

TP or TPS (Tower Portal Scrolls) – You can tell, 100% of the time if a player is a cancer or a pro by just looking at their inventory items. A support, or an off-laner should always have at-least one TP in order to influence the battle especially on the early part of the game.

tower portal scrolls real

TP enables timing rotations & force movement. Without this item, it is impossible to counter-balance the movement of the enemies. With TP, you will be able to react faster and provide support to your allies by teleporting immediately during an attack on the other lanes.

TP also gives you extra escape capabilities. A very good example is when Viper is attacking you and you have no way to go, you can just easily TP out. Teleport is one of the best ways to escape from an enemy hero who does not have any channel canceling spells like stuns and hex.

Wards Really do Save Lives

Yup, wards is what keeps a team from completely falling apart. It prevents ambush and lets your carry farm faster and with confidence in the jungles. With wards, you will know the movement of the enemy and pre-planned a defensive move.

dota 2 importance of wards

However, don’t be fooled to the idea that if you’re consistently warding, you will completely protect your team. Even if wards exist in multiple locations, an ally who DOES NOT LOOK the map will still be vulnerable to attacks. That is why wards are useless if you’re playing with a bunch of newbies.

Use High Ground to your Advantage

In every battle, whether it’s on a real battlefield or a video game, high grounds will always give an advantage. High grounds enables you to see the enemy before the enemy sees you. Here’s a good example of an enemy trying to go high ground.

dota 2 high ground attack

High grounds are especially dangerous for supports trying to place wards on enemy territories, that is why using a smoke of deceit can help you detect if there are enemies watching from above.

Watch out for the Choke Areas

Choke areas are areas on the map where the passage is too narrow for multiple units to pass. Here are examples of choke areas.

dota 2 map choke areas

It is here in these areas that the enemies will have a chance of hitting multiple heroes with one spell as this will force the pursuing or attacking enemies to stick closely. This is what exactly King Leonidas did when he tried to stop the marching army of the Persian Empire.

narrow passag dota 2

If you’re not a Tanky, DON’T TANK

Yup, this is one of the most common newbie mistakes. The lack of patience to wait for the right timing to enter and attack put your hero to a position where you will be forced to absorb a huge volume of attacks from the enemies.

dota 2 tips for newbies

This is especially important for heroes with relatively low HP & armor. The habit of waiting when to attack forward is not easy to master. It will require discipline in observing the map, and discipline to perfectly timed an attack.

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  1. High Ground awareness is very important.

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